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Trinity is one of the few companies selected by Warren Environmental to install their revolutionary product. Warren Environmental's passion to protect the workforce and environment resulted in their success in removing solvents from their spray systems. They were able to design and patent the first solvent-free plural component spray equipment for epoxy. Using this system, they were able to perfect their zero VOC, 100% solids, high-build epoxies and have over 30 proprietary blends suitable for many conditions. If you wish to learn more on their company and product visit: Trinity has been licensed, trained, and certified to apply this revolutionary product that withstand the most extreme conditions. Our high quality application technique and well trained staff in combination with this superior product give Trinity a extraordinary product to provide to the customer. The applications of this product are truly limitless.


These products have tested applications in the wastewater, potable water, naval, nuclear, chemical, and oil industries. With our expertise in the application of this high quality product, we are confident we can resolve any customer issues with a high quality solution.

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