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T&T Pipe Renovations

T&T Pipe Renovations started as a local excavating and paving contractor that is in every small town in America working on farms, roads, driveways and utilities. The first sliplining job we did 15 years ago immediately opened our eyes to the wisdom of maintaining infrastructure instead of waiting until it fails to replace it. Over the next few years we continued the traditional excavating work we were built on, but continued to do the occasional culvert rehabilitation project in our area. Eventually the decision was made to focus solely on maintaining and rehabilitating metal culverts and today we have numerous crews traveling across the Midwest helping to fix our nation’s failing infrastructure. However our growth has never changed the way our family owned business operates. We’re consistently dedicated to quality of work and finding the correct balance of value and cost each customer deserves. Our experience has allowed us to be knowledgeable about numerous methods, technologies, and processes surrounding the pipe rehabilitation industry.



Centrifugally Cast Concrete Pipe (CCCP)

CCCP is a process that can waterproof, seal, prevent corrosion, and provide structural reinforcement for culverts. This process uses a spin cast machine to evenly apply concrete to surface of existing pipes. The result is a high-strength, leakproof renovation. 


Sliplining is a process where a smaller pipe, or “carrier pipe”, is inserted into a failing larger pipe or “host pipe”, the ends of the pipe are then capped and the remaining space is filled with a grout. Oftentimes, we are able to achieve the same or better flows with our carrier pipes than that of the host pipe. This method provides a faster, cheaper, and more efficient solution to repairing leaks and restoring the structural stability of aging pipes.

Floodgate Installation and Repair

Many floodgates begin to fail as the culvert they regulate the flow of also begin to fail. T&T Pipe Renovations strives to help customers with all of their needs and therefore has gained experience working on and installing floodgates for it's customers. 





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Ken Temple


Patrick Howser

Vice President

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Chief Operations Officer

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